Having started in Karachi, Pakistan, Harvest Tree marks it’s inception with the objective to develop hand-made, naturally fragranced, artisan soaps. Moving on from soaps, we have included into our product ...
Lavender Essential Oil
Jojoba Oil
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
Wheat Germ Oil
Avacado Oil
Palmarosa Essential Oil
Neroli Essential Oil
Our story starts with the quest to make handmade, artisan soap - from there we have developed into a full scale body care brand bringing you a whole range of high-quality body care products ranging from cleansers, lotions, scrubs, oils, face-care & hair-care products & last but not least handmade, artisan soap. 
At Harvest Tree we take great pride in the fact that we formulate our products using pure and natural essential oils and do not use any form of aromatic chemicals or synthetic compounds to add fragrance and aroma to our creations. This renders our products as 'aromatherapy formulations' and and many products are formulated based on the natural therapeutic properties of different essential oils. 
Taking our quest forward, our goal is to provide our customers with affordable yet high quality skin and body care solutions that are formulated based on the underlying principles of aromatherapy.  
In our ingredients you will find nourishing carrier oils such as Jojoba, Wheat Germ & Avocado; highly moisturizing butters such as Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter; and therapeutic and wonderfully aromatic essential oils such as Lavender, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Orange & Palmarosa.  
We hold fast to the principle of fair dealings combined with exceptional customer service and have a highly personalized approach in engaging with our customers. We welcome questions from visitors and customers regarding their specific body care needs and take pride in giving good advice wherever we can provide it.
Based on this, we have developed, and continue to develop valuable and longterm relationships with our customers.