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Pure Distilled Rosewater, Sodium Lactate, Sodium Hydroxide, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Canola Oil, Caster Oil, EDTA, Essential Oils of Palma Rosa, Neroli & Orange, Activated Charcoal

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Product Information:

This is a naturally scented, all-veg, sulfate free, face & body handmade soap. What makes the 'Rosewater Activated' bar particularly special is the fact that it is formulated entirely with pure distilled rose water. Essentially, soap is formed by emulsifying oils & water using a special saponifying agent known as lye. In the Rosewater Activated bar, we replace the water phase of the entire formulation with pure distilled rose water.

We further add activated charcoal to this soap – Activated charcoal is a fine grain exfoliant which complements the cleansing process with some gentle scrubbing.

This soap is enriched with a blend of Orange & Palma Rosa Essential Oils.

Harvest Tree's entire soap range is made from an all-veg, sulfate free soap base of Sri Lankan Coconut, Palm, Canola & Caster Oils. All of our soaps are naturally scented using essential oils and can be used on the face and body alike. Essential Oils, which are distilled oils from floral, herbal, and other natural sources, carry the real aroma of their respective source and bring with them many therapeutic properties which can be beneficial for skin and hair care.

Nt. Wt. 140 g (Approx)

DELIVERY: Doorstep delivery on COD basis. There is a Rs. 200 delivery charge for a single product & the same delivery charge applies to an order of multiple products for the collective order and NOT per product.

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